Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pies Pies Pies !!

 Well, not much to shout about this week..other than the pie press is finally finished and had it's first run out yesterday. They were so damn expensive to buy so thought I'd make one.. And here it is in all it's glory!!
So, on the first run.. The press performed beautifully.(never had a doubt for one minute). Filled the foil trays to perfection.'Waiting for the orders now!!"

The chosen filling for the day was chicken and mushroom.. a good old favourite..

So here are a few of the final pieces of today's labour. Formed to perfection, filled and closed as perfect as any $1000 machine.. And then off to the oven!!! The press is just perfect but obviously I'm not, Cos I Burnt em!!  This part I see will take a bit of practice.. But the taste ???   "FANTASTIC !!"

Next week in the next episode:

Steak and Kidney
Beef and Onion
Beef and Potato
Cheese and Broccoli

I'll just try not to burn them!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Phuttamonton Park

A last minute decision to go to the park today turned out to be a bit of a wash out.Twenty minutes after we arrived the heavens opened and that was that for picture taking (other than snapping away from inside the truck..)  You know, I really should have looked up before we left. That might have given me a bit of a clue!!!
Still, the trusty spotter pointed out out a nice Green Billed Malkoha.

The rain certainly brought out a few other animals, mainly the cool looking ( well I think so) monitor lizards. I know we have been known to sunbathe, but is it possible to "rainbathe????" This one did!!

As the light started to fade , we made our move home. Driving out we noted, Coppersmith Barbets, Small Minivets, Javan Pond Herons and many various Egrets.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Beginning.....

So here it is.. My first real attempt at blogging.My main passion here is photography, especially birds. I am hoping to build this site by giving advice about birding in Thailand, posting pictures, tips and birding sites for all to see and read along with my blogs. Another passion of mine is pies so I may post some of my favourite recipes and pie stories from time to time.I will gladly welcome any posts, comments or input. ( I'm sure I'll need the help!!) I hope to run regular features on local and the 'big' birding sites around  Thailand, so let me know yours. Also I will run up-to date reviews on photographic equipment as new gear hits the market. Let's hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I will writing it.

Kaeng Krachan (The Trip That Wasn't)

So.. For the last few weeks of July I'd been promising myself to get back to KK . The first attempt ended in a domestic the night before, so no luck there. The next week, got it all sorted and planned for Friday morning but come the day, Jasmin, my eight year old and chief spotter came down with the flu....Damn!!! For the following week I had announced 'Nothing will stop me this time'... So there we all were ,4am leaving the house and on the way on the 3rd of August. Three hours later we arrived at the main gate only to be asked.. "Bai Nai??' (where you go?)  "Ban Krang" I said, to which he replied "Mai Dai! Bit Krup!" (Cannot, Closed!) Then the penny dropped, I knew the park closed every year but I really thought it was from September to October. Not August to October (as it is).. So off we trotted back home. All was not lost though. After sitting in a 'nice' traffic jam for a hour, I discovered a new species!!! I called it  "The Flame Backed Vigo"

"Flame Backed Vigo"

Kaeng Krachan.....

Now I won't claim to be a 'pro' or anything special when it comes to taking pictures as my results probably show.. but I am learning and getting better with age (just wish my wife would say that!!!)
Here's my list for the three short trips....  Asian Fairy Bluebird,  Paradise Flycatcher, Banded Kingfisher (female) Black and Red Broadbill, Black and Yellow Broadbill , Black-Backed Kingfisher, Black-Naped Monarch, Blue-Throated Barbet, Blue-Winged Leafbird, Blue-Winged Pitta, Brown Hawk-Owl, Brown Hornbill, Orange Breasted Trogon, Collared Owlet, Crested Serpent-Eagle,(I think) , Great Barbet, Greater Goldenback, Greater Yellownape, Green Magpie, Heart-Spotted Woodpecker, Laced Woodpecker, Long Tailed Broadbill, Red Bearded Bee-Eater, Red Jungle Fowl, Silver Breasted Broadbill , White Rumped Shama, and few more including a few different Bulbuls.

Pick of my pics. All pictures taken on my trusty old D80 and 70-300 vr lens
 Please let me know if I have mis-named any of these..

Red Bearded Bee-Eater

Black Naped Monarch

Black and Red Broadbill

Black and Yellow Broadbill

Long Tailed Broadbill

Siler Breasted Broadbill

Banded Kingfisher

Black Backed Kingfisher

Heart Spotted Woodpecker

Laced Woodpecker


Collared Owlet

Crested Serpent Eagle

Orange Breasted Trogon