Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pies Pies Pies !!

 Well, not much to shout about this week..other than the pie press is finally finished and had it's first run out yesterday. They were so damn expensive to buy so thought I'd make one.. And here it is in all it's glory!!
So, on the first run.. The press performed beautifully.(never had a doubt for one minute). Filled the foil trays to perfection.'Waiting for the orders now!!"

The chosen filling for the day was chicken and mushroom.. a good old favourite..

So here are a few of the final pieces of today's labour. Formed to perfection, filled and closed as perfect as any $1000 machine.. And then off to the oven!!! The press is just perfect but obviously I'm not, Cos I Burnt em!!  This part I see will take a bit of practice.. But the taste ???   "FANTASTIC !!"

Next week in the next episode:

Steak and Kidney
Beef and Onion
Beef and Potato
Cheese and Broccoli

I'll just try not to burn them!!!

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