Saturday, January 18, 2014

Suan Rot Fai

This morning was my first real trip to Suan Rot Fai for birding. I'd been meaning to check it out for a long time, what with following Dave Gandy's blog and seeing the numerous species he finds there. My first stop was to find the Northern Boobook. Sadly it didn't seem to be about.... but I did get some real nice views of an Emerald Cuckoo.

Emerald Cuckoo

Emerald Cuckoo

I'm not really familiar with the park, so I just wandered about to see what I could uncover. I was very surprised with the place and found a lucky pair of Coppersmith Barbets having a good time, Plaintive Cuckoos, Scarlet Backed Flowerpeckers, a White Rumped Shama, a Black Capped Kingfisher, and what I think is a Red Throated Flycatcher. I also saw a strange bald headed Myna. Not sure if this is a normal moult or what???



Plaintive Cuckoo

Red Throated Flycatcher ( I think)

White Rumped Shama   

Returning to where I started earlier I thought I'd have another quick look for the  Boobook.. To my delight I found him this time....  Sadly no Rubythroats or Orange Headed Thrush for me this time, but I am well impressed with this place. I will definitely be going back soon ( maybe tomorrow morning!!)

Northern Boobook

Northern Boobook