Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Khao Yai

Khao Yai

Couldn't resist dropping back into Khao Yai yesterday morning, as last time I missed out on the White Throated Rockthrush.. When we arrived the Mugimaki was already perched and waiting for his next photo shoot. Doesn't really seemed to be too concerned by folk, just the "greedy Shama". The Rockthrush turned after about an hour (That's about my waiting limit 555) and posed for some nice shots. Not really sure which of these two I prefer, as I Photoshopped the meal worms out of one...(more natural???) Judge for yourself..
White Throated Rockthrush (with)

White Throated Rockthrush

White Throated Rockthrush (or without)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pak Phli to Khao Yai

Pak Phli to Khao Yai

Well after not getting the Bluethroat on my trip to Pak Phli last week, I headed back Sunday morning determined not to come away empty handed again... It was a nice quiet morning with only two other birders there ( sorry guys.. forgot your names..) So, hide up, scene set and meal worms out we settled to see what turned up.  Must only been 10 mins before the first Bluethroat turned up. Plenty of Stonechats, Cisticolas and Pipits around, too and about 100 Black Kites overhead. I really find the Pipits hard to ID... all look the same to me!! After a few more visits I was happy with my pics, so decided to head off to Khao Yai for the Mugi.



Rosy Pipit??

Zitting Cisticola

So, off to get the Mugimaki Flycatcher and White Throated Rockthrush. Armed with site details from Gerry Brett ( cheers Gerry) I arrived at the park. A nice surprise FREE entry!!! Unfortunately not just for me.... but half the population of Thailand, too!!! The weather was really cool.. 17 degrees on the display at HQ.  The Mugimaki showed almost immediately, so after getting the pics and wolfing down a couple of hotdog sandwiches I had a walk around in search of the Rockthrush. Sadly I didn't find it this time..Still I suppose that just gives me an excuse to go back again .555

Mugimaki Flycatcher

Mugimaki Flycatcher

Mugimaki Flycatcher

Just as I left , I got a nice pic I could use for a greeting for a future letter... Not sure who to send it to yet!!!

Dear Ass.........

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pak Phli

Pak Phli

Seeing many posts of the Bluethroat recently, I thought I'd better go and have a look and see what I could find... So Sunday morning Jas and I set out ( a little late I think). We arrived around lunchtime and although a bit overcast, still stinking hot!!  There were a few people there who told us they had seen a few around earlier that morning. There were a couple of hides set already along the road , but I never really feel comfortable plonking mine where folk be already! So we had a walk around and saw plenty of Bee-Eaters and Black Kites. Taking a drive further down the road we found Richard's Pipits, Rosy Pipits, Stonechats and a nice Common Kingfisher.

Common Kingfisher

Indochinese Bushlark

Richard's Pipit

Rosy Pipit

After a little spot of lunch we had a drive back along the road, where we saw Indochinese Bushlarks and got some really close views of some Black Kites. We also saw some nice little Scarlet Backed Flowerpeckers.

Long Tailed Shrike
Striated Grassbird
One short little final drive around produced what, for me was the highlight of the day.... A Long Tailed Shrike flew down right in front of us.. For me this was a first, so pretty pleased we were!! Sadly though, No Bluethroats this time..... Hopefully we will head back there this weekend....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Khao Yoi

Khao Yoi and the Rice Fields

A trip out this morning took us to Khao Yoi and the surrounding rice fields.. A nice clear drive down at 6am took not long over an hour.  Fist point around Khao Yoi  didn't produce much until we ventured further over the railway line.. Scores of Black Kites circling and hunting low over the ponds.. A truly fantastic sight!!!
Four or five Spot Billed Pelicans made for some nice shots, too. Grey and Purple Herons made some nice low flights over us. snap snap... Not to many Kingfishers about but I did get one shot of a Black Capped which I think is my sharpest to date....

Black Kite

Grey Heron

Spot Billed Pelican             

We followed the roads around to Wat Khao Takrao which as you get close to the temple are really flooded now (6-8"). We took the pond road and worked our way back to Rama2. Not too much around sadly. A few more herons and kingfishers. A Blue Tailed Bee-Eater and a Painted Stork completed my pics for the day.. A nice trip out...

Blue Tailed Bee-Eater

Painted Stork

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bang Ban Ayutaya


A trip out with Jasmin yesterday to find Pied Kingfishers turned out pretty successful... Along with spotting 10+ Pieds we also saw quite a few Black Shouldered Kites, Grey Herons, a Brahminy Kite ,an Oriental Honey Buzzard, Stonechats, Drongoes and Malkohas. It was a great day out for her and her photography is improving all the time whereas mine seems to be getting worse.......

My first Pied

And another.... (how many hooks did that fisherman need??)
Not bad for a nine year old!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Khao Yoi...Cha-Am..Khao Yoi

Khao Yoi

With the school hols here again a trip out to please all was needed. So on Monday a drive down to Kao Yoi with some pointers from Gerry Brett produced some nice pics.. Got a bit lost at first but soon found most of the recommended places to check out. We were really surprised with the amount of kingfishers , Collared, Black Capped and White Throated seemed to be around every turn we took. But no Stork Billed..Plenty of Green and Blue Tailed Bee-Eaters and Raptors everywhere too. Not really sure where we were but some nice Purple Herons and Painted Storks were about in the ponds. Think my highlight of the morning had to be the Brahminy Kite right above me....

Black Kite
Brahminy Kite

Black Shouldered Kite
Green Bee-Eater

Purple Heron
Painted stork



Well we arrived after a six hour drive (usually takes one and half), checked into the usual place ...Bom and Dia's Field and First.. I would recommend this place to any one, especially those with a family... nice rooms , clean , swimming pool, WIFI and cheap (700bt). The staff are really helpful and friendly but sadly no food, but that doesn't bother me !! Jas loved the pool as usual and the afternoon and evening turned up a few more pics for me ... An Asian Paradise Flycatcher spend most of the afternoon outside my room but I still didn't seem to get a pic I was happy with... Think the wife got better ones!!!! In the evenings there were plenty of other weird creatures about (discounting the Beach Road!!).. Tuesday at the Kings Palace gardens were  weird fish and crabs to be seen!!!!

Fun Time!!!!

Asian Paradise Flycatcher


Orange Crab

Blue Crab

Pink Crab

 Khao Yoi Again !!

Wednesday morning....... Bucketing down with rain..  Was hoping to drive home via Huay Mai Teng Reservoir in Ratchaburi to hopefully get a Pied KF. Opted to take the trip back through the fields to Rama 2. Plenty of rain but still plenty of kingfishers everywhere... Collared , Common, Black Capped and two Stork Bills although they looked pretty shabby in the rain.. Managed to get one shot of a distant Grey Heron and a few terns (of which I am unsure of) before reaching Rama 2 and off home.... Oh and one lucky shot of FIVE in a bush  (what's that saying??)...Ayuattaya tomorrow...still got to get the Pied!!!!!!!!

Black Capped Kingfisher
Collared Kingfisher
Stork Billed Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher

Common Tern
Unsure Tern

Grey Heron


 Thanks again to Gerry!!!!!!!!!!