Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kaeng Krachan.....

Now I won't claim to be a 'pro' or anything special when it comes to taking pictures as my results probably show.. but I am learning and getting better with age (just wish my wife would say that!!!)
Here's my list for the three short trips....  Asian Fairy Bluebird,  Paradise Flycatcher, Banded Kingfisher (female) Black and Red Broadbill, Black and Yellow Broadbill , Black-Backed Kingfisher, Black-Naped Monarch, Blue-Throated Barbet, Blue-Winged Leafbird, Blue-Winged Pitta, Brown Hawk-Owl, Brown Hornbill, Orange Breasted Trogon, Collared Owlet, Crested Serpent-Eagle,(I think) , Great Barbet, Greater Goldenback, Greater Yellownape, Green Magpie, Heart-Spotted Woodpecker, Laced Woodpecker, Long Tailed Broadbill, Red Bearded Bee-Eater, Red Jungle Fowl, Silver Breasted Broadbill , White Rumped Shama, and few more including a few different Bulbuls.

Pick of my pics. All pictures taken on my trusty old D80 and 70-300 vr lens
 Please let me know if I have mis-named any of these..

Red Bearded Bee-Eater

Black Naped Monarch

Black and Red Broadbill

Black and Yellow Broadbill

Long Tailed Broadbill

Siler Breasted Broadbill

Banded Kingfisher

Black Backed Kingfisher

Heart Spotted Woodpecker

Laced Woodpecker


Collared Owlet

Crested Serpent Eagle

Orange Breasted Trogon

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