Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kaeng Krachan (The Trip That Wasn't)

So.. For the last few weeks of July I'd been promising myself to get back to KK . The first attempt ended in a domestic the night before, so no luck there. The next week, got it all sorted and planned for Friday morning but come the day, Jasmin, my eight year old and chief spotter came down with the flu....Damn!!! For the following week I had announced 'Nothing will stop me this time'... So there we all were ,4am leaving the house and on the way on the 3rd of August. Three hours later we arrived at the main gate only to be asked.. "Bai Nai??' (where you go?)  "Ban Krang" I said, to which he replied "Mai Dai! Bit Krup!" (Cannot, Closed!) Then the penny dropped, I knew the park closed every year but I really thought it was from September to October. Not August to October (as it is).. So off we trotted back home. All was not lost though. After sitting in a 'nice' traffic jam for a hour, I discovered a new species!!! I called it  "The Flame Backed Vigo"

"Flame Backed Vigo"

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