Sunday, August 31, 2014


 I had seen a solitary Snipe on my way to work last week so a bit more investigating was due...With only limited time at the weekends at the moment I managed to get a couple of mornings around the rice fields. There seemed to be a sizable amount Snipes around this weekend, but trying to identify them is proving difficult... Pintail or Swinhoe is the begging question. ( I like Ayuwat's version "Swintail"). Big tail, small tail, bigger tail feathers or smaller tail feathers !!!  I am still at a loss..

Snipe 1 (small pin type tail feathers)

Snipe 2  (2 small pin type tail feathers)

Snipe 3 (A much fuller tail)

 There were also plenty of other waders / shore birds about too, These also give me a headache with identification.... I hope I got them correct !!

Chinese Pond Heron

Little Ringed Plover

Wood Sandpiper

Long Toed Stint

The first bird of the morning.. A superb Black Shouldered Kite.. Just a shame it was obscured by the tree..
Black Shouldered Kite

Hopefully I got the IDs correct and as for the Snipes..... any help as to whether Swinhoe or Pintail wold be greatly appreciated