Sunday, October 28, 2012

Camping at Chaloem Rattanakosin

Well, It's the last day before work begins again.. A few nights camping  (again) were in order  for the last week.. Never been to Chaloem Rattanakosin before, so we went to check it out.. Other than being "too accessible", it was a pleasant place. Just don't think I would advise it at the weekends! We read over 60 bird species have been recorded in the park, but very few were showing. We only saw a few drongos and minivets The best sightings being a Black Eagle and Grey Wagtail... One species quite common there was a Cave Myna  (from local translation) Not really sure about this one!! Anyhow some great scenery and great views..A nice trip all round

Friday, October 19, 2012

Camping at Samarn Bird Camp 

Me and Jas

What with Kaeng Krachan still not open but   re-opening soon, a little camping trip was in order. Naturally, we headed out that way and checked out Samarn Bird Camp. I have passed this pleasant looking little resort many times as it's  only a kilometre before the park entrance but never ventured in.Well I must say I was really surprised!! This is a great little place and very child friendly too.......                                                    


 As well as the camping ground there are about 8 air conditioned places to stay and a nice little restaurant area.Khun Samarn and Khun Oy put out food and fruit for the birds everyday, so there are many resident species around all year. Also there are two hides just inside a jungle clearing around a little pool. Great for pictures but just make sure you don't forget the mossie cream!!

A few of our pics over three days.......                                                                                                        

Black Naped Monarch

                                              Black Crested Bulbul


Golden Fronted Leafbird                                                       

Pied fantail

Puff Throated Babbler

Red Legged Crake

  Siberian Blue Robin


 Black Crested Bulbul

 Tickell's Blue Flycatcher

Vinous Breasted Starling

White Rumped Shama

I think not too bad  for the first real outing for the new D7000... I really like this camera!!!


Saying Goodbye....

Finally to say,  This is a really friendly little place. Khun Samarn is a very kind and knowledgeable man and offers guided tours and trips into the  National Park. Even if you are not into birds, this is a great just to relax and chill out in the gardens.

Anyone interested in staying here should contact....        Home.02 422 6308  /   Mob 081 8107307    or