Monday, May 6, 2013

Kaeng Krachan for the last time???

Last week's trip down to KK could well be our last for this year... Back to work next week and no more holidays til October, when the park is closed anyway. So maybe the odd weekend if it's possible to pick one that's not busy!!!  Well the trip as always was a welcome getaway and I got some of my best pics to date.

Day 1.  It was nice to see the Scop's Owls back at their roost ( Did they ever really leave it? ) but the Banded Broadbills nesting on the camp entrance road seemed super shy this time,only putting in a few appearances the whole day!! ( a friend informed me he had waited 4 hours the previous week with no results!!). A least they should be feeding chicks pretty soon. The Orange Breasted Trogon on the nest between stream 2 - 3 seemed largely un-bothered by the many photographers she is attracting, so some nice shots there.
Orange Breasted Trogon

Orange Breasted Trogon

 Day 2. The usual trip up to Panoen Tung seemed very quiet with not a lot showing. At the top view point a pair of Grey Treepies are just beginning to make a nest. Back down in the afternoon Silver Breasted and Black and Red Broadbills were about in abundance. Walking around for the rest of the day turned up Green Eared Barbets, Blue Bearded Bee-Eaters and a Blue Winged Pitta at the back of the campsite.

Grey Treepie

Silver Breasted Broadbill
Black and Red Broadbill

 Day 3. Down to the stream for the Black Backed Kingfisher and Blue Bearded Bee-Eater this morning . Some nice shots of the Kingfisher were got but the Bee Eater wasn't playing ball...

Blue Backed Kingfisher
Blue Backed Kingfisher

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  1. Some great photos Brian .
    I must get to one of the parks sometime soon.