Monday, April 22, 2013

Malayan Night Heron

Last weeks trip to  Kaeng Krachan turned up some nice sightings for us. The cream must go to the Malayan Night Heron. Driving into the park on Thursday morning this strange looker wandered across the road in front of us... I rattled off a few shots and thought no more. Luckily we stopped over at Samarn's on Saturday night where I met Khun Wicha of BCST. He got pretty excited when I asked him what I had shot!! Apparently a rare find in Thailand.. and another lifer for me..
Malayan Night Heron

There certainly seemed to be plenty of bird life around this time, with a nice pair of  Banded  Broadbills   putting the finishing touches to their nest. The nest is on the road on the  left just before Ban Krang campsite.

Banded  Broadbill

The Long Tailed Broadbill chicks up at km 26 look like they will be leaving the nest soon. At km 36 the  Red Bearded  Bee Eaters are still busy feeding, and some great shots were taken there.

Long Tailed Broadbill

Red Bearded Bee Eater

A nice male Indian Cuckoo put in a nice show  down at Ban Krang campsite and plenty of others put in a good show.. I got a few shots of some Eagles / Raptors that I'm really unsure of , so suggestions would be  appreciated...

Indian Cuckoo

Unknown 1




Finally Sunday morning at Samarn's blind gave us one last thrill with a Blue Winged Pitta putting in an appearance before the drive home...

Blue Winged Pitta

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